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Who we are

We are a team made up of techies, project managers, designers, and marketers. Our vast experience accompanying startups and large companies, alike, will give you the right starting point and will provide the personal and end-to-end accompanying through all the startup stages

Accompanying startups is a partnership and not just working for someone, which is an essential component for the success of your project and reaching your goals during the most critical points of building your startup

What you get

A partner for building the technology aspect

Consulting and accompaniment of the business processes by a professional staff

All-star developers that your company deserves

Leading your idea to a live product

Partial funding of development for selected startups*

The proper workflow


Getting to know each other, concentration of the information, and setting mutual expectations


Understanding the business model by the entire professional team


Building a complete and systematic work plan


Finalizing the design concept and sticking to existing branding


Maintenance and improvements




Dynamic development and QA

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